Injection Molding

Our Molding Capabilities

We are able to mold parts over a wide range of sizes while utilizing varying grades of resin from commodity to highly engineered. Our processing standards follow strict guidelines designed to minimize variability.

Standard Horizontal Molding: 50-427 Ton
Insert Molding
Two-Shot Molding
Over Molding
Post-Mold Insertion Internal to Cycle

Contact Us For Emergency Needs

Our molding department operates using lean manufacturing techniques and is structured to operate with a dynamic schedule allowing us to react quickly to emergency requests.We stand out above the rest by: Fast quote turnaround - Managing a project cradle to grave - Providing low volume on-demand runs

Yes, we are that good!

Reeves Plastics is a full service plastic injection molder with the capability of handling your assembly and tool building needs. Our facility provides quality injection molded products to a wide variety of industries that include the following:

Aerospace - Air Distribution - Appliance - Bill Changing - Electronics - Marine - Office Furniture - Sporting Goods - Vending - Water Conservation Technology - Entertainment - Equestrian Markets

Adopting Existing Tools

Reeves Plastics specializes in taking existing tools built elsewhere and molding parts in an on-demand fashion. This provides our customer with the ease of dropping off a tool and having the confidence that we can optimize the molding process to maximize their needs. The best part is the condition in which we keep the tools. We will clean and maintain a tool whether it belongs to us or not. We strongly believe in having a tool in peak condition to ensure that it runs to its highest potential. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the integrity of your tool while it is in our house.